Continued and Reccomended, Artscene May 2015

By Jody Zellon


Eric Beltz is a Santa Barbara-based artist who creates highly detailed graphite drawings that combine pattern, fantastical figures and settings with poetic fragments. Beltz has a deft hand and an ironic wit, a combination that commands attention. Entitled "Dreveriem," a word he invented for a series of poems that explore the fusion of dream and reverie.  The decorative and illustrative iconography of these works produce visual narratives derived from and interweaving the artist's own experiences with mythological references. Some of the drawings are made up of abstract quilt-like patterns while others are figurative and representational, reflecting the scope of Beltz's endeavors. A group exhibition entitled “Hypnagogia" beautifully complements Beltz' solo show. The works by gallery artists Josh Dorman, Mikel Glass, Alex Gross, F. Scott Hess and Jerry Meyer offer varying interpretations of the transitional state of consciousness that occurs as one drifts off to sleep (Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Culver City).