Fucked Up


This is a retelling of the incident by which Datura stramonium got its common name, Jimsonweed: A colonial regiment was sent to Jamestown, Virginia in 1676 to bring order to Jamestown Fort which was besieged by an uprising under Nathaniel Bacon: Bacon’s Rebellion. Reportedly, on the way to Jamestown, the soldiers accidentally ate some young shoots of Datura stramonium in the edible plants they had gathered. They soon succumbed to the effects of the psychedelic plant and were unable to proceed for several days. The plant then came to be called Jamestown Weed which was later corrupted into Jimsonweed. Each of the soldiers is shown in period garb and experiencing individual versions of their visions accompanied by different spirit animals. In the background is Jamestown Fort burning.


E.A.B. 10/16/07