Fuck You Tree


George Washington sits on a log divining over a headless owl on a tree stump. The original reference for the owl was a Stolas demon who appears to people in order to teach them about the power of herbal healing. Here it is a mirror of the “decapitated” tree. The image updates the “cherry tree” morality tale of GW’s youth and brings the same questions regarding ownership of the impulse to destroy into GW’s adult life. The tree in this case, however, also has agency. The pentagram above GW is a curse the tree is putting on GW: if he is going to destroy that which gives shade, he will have to be responsible for that shade. Shade I both the literal darkness cast by opaque objects as well as the “shadows of the dead”. The text ‘swoosh’ is a description of GW’s vision of death and resurrection his response to the curse. Hidden in the weeds is a rattlesnake, a symbol of the young America’s fierce independence. An animal that does not attack unprovoked but once engaged never surrenders.


E.A.B. 10/16/07