Good Luck Assholes


Thomas Jefferson standing by a woodpile behind his retirement home at Poplar Forest smoking a pipe packed with the “Smoker’s Blend” herbs growing behind him while contemplating his own death. A small group of Wild Turkeys fly overhead crossing the track of his ascending soul to the “Happy Place” described in the Egyptian Book of The Dead as well as AA programs. The ‘sunrise’ text at the end of this track are excerpts from the Declaration of Independence removed from their context to give a more open–ended, spiritual meaning: as is the rights of the people were derived from the powers of the earth. The title is what I image TJ might have said at his retirement party after a life spent forming a new nation’s government and then becoming old an curmudgeony, having to turn it over to a younger generation, clinking glasses and a hushed room: I just want to say Thank You for this lovely evening and, in parting, Good Luck Assholes!


E.A.B. 10/16/07